Hiring Wedding Entertainment

How to Hire Entertainment for Your Wedding

When searching for the perfect wedding entertainment for your reception, the perfect band or DJ could be just a few calls away and it’s very important to ask the right questions so you and your fiance can make an informed decision.

Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Entertainment

Does the particular talent normally perform at weddings? How often and how many? Obviously it’s not absolutely necessary that the band or DJ strictly play only weddings, especially if you are already a fan, but it’s certainly in your best interest if the entertainment does have relevant experience. Otherwise you could find yourself in a very bad situation.

Wedding or Reception Entertainment References

Can the prospective wedding entertainment provide testimonials from previous functions and satisfied brides? You can also ask for direct references if you feel it will help solidify your choice. A reputable dj or wedding band will be happy to provide you with names, numbers, or email addresses of past brides.

Continuous Entertainment for Your Wedding

Can the wedding entertainment, be it band or DJ, perform continuous live music throughout your entire event? If you are considering live music for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, be sure the talent is able to accommodate this and find out what will be the difference in pricing for all the extra time.

Additional Costs for Wedding Entertainment

Often there are additional costs associated with hiring wedding entertainment. Whether it be a reception or a private party, it’s important to find out whether the talent will be providing the production… meaning the sound equipment, lighting, and anything else required to for the show. Sometimes your venue may provide the production, in which case you may be able to discuss this option with the band or DJ. This could give you some leverage when it comes time to negotiate on a price.

It’s also a common responsibility for the wedding couple to provide a meal for the entertainer and production crew. Be sure to ask if this is a requirement, and depending on your budget, you may not feel obligated to offer your regular dinner. Many entertainers understand that something more affordable would be a better option, but make sure they are taken care of well.

In conclusion, hiring quality wedding entertainment can be one of the most important decisions you make for your event. Be sure to ask all the right questions and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your special day.

Live wedding entertainment [http://poproxpartyband.com/wedding-entertainment] specialist, Donna Price, writes on topics including hiring entertainment for receptions, ceremonies, and engagement parties.

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5 Smart Ideas for Children’s Entertainment

With the final days of school just behind us, many of us are now faced with the prospect of being home along with are kids, all day long. In theory, this sounds great, however you know that if they are not kept entertained, they are going to start bugging you constantly! If this is your fear, here are five smart ideas for children’s entertainment that will keep your kids busy and entertained all summer long.

1. Sidewalk Masterpiece

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to entertain kids involves a bucket of chalk, and a small stretch of sidewalk or driveway for them to create their masterpiece. Often purchased very cheaply, sidewalk chalk can provide hours of entertainment as they set about creating scenes and tableaus of their own. Consider looking up some of the amazing sidewalk chalk artists online or on YouTube for inspiration!

2. The Library

Get your kids out of the house and get them doing something educational that will help them start the next school year out on the right foot. Grab your library card and head to your local library this summer for days’ worth of kid’s entertainment. Most libraries offer summer reading programs, whereby your kids can earn prizes and recognition the more books they read. Not only does this spare your house from the mini-tornadoes that are your children, it also gets them doing something educational!

3. Water Day

You do not have to have a pool to wear your kids out playing in the water. One of the easiest ways to entertain kids for literally hours involves hooking your garden hose up to a sprinkler and setting it out in the yard. Kids will leap back and forth over the sprinkler, slide in the grass, and maybe even make some mud pies, but most importantly they will be out of your hair and likely wearing themselves out. You are free to sit in the shade with a cold beverage as you supervise!

4. Forts

Inherent in every child’s nature is the desire to build forts out of pretty much anything they can find. From pulling a sheet across a rope tied between two door knobs to stacking couch cushions and hiding inside them, kids love forts. Whether you use the aforementioned materials, cardboard, or go so far as to build a full-on tree house, your kids will want to spend hours playing and entertaining themselves in their own space.

5. Historical Live Entertainment

Yet another educational way you can entertain your kids is to find forms of historically-accurate live entertainment that they can participate in. Your kids will delight in getting their faces painted at the nearby Renaissance fair, eating historical dishes with their hands, and maybe even getting to see some knights in shining armor as they joust it out on the tournament grounds.

For more tips and tricks on how you can entertain your kids this summer, click here now!

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How to Choose the Right Princess Party Entertainer

Princess parties are becoming increasingly popular choices for little girls, in no small part due to the success of animated films such as Frozen which have resulted in major cult followings. Just as boys love pirates and superheroes, many a little girl loves to dream about growing up to be a princess, and hiring princess birthday party entertainers can be one way to make that wish come true.

It is critical, however, to make sure that you take the time to select the right entertainer for your party, in order to ensure the maximum of fun is had by all and that the minimum of parental and family stress is experienced when hosting a large group of excited children! With that said, here are a few tips on finding the right princess host for a birthday celebration.

First of all, it is worth remembering that experience is important when looking for princess birthday party entertainers for your event. Being able to handle a group of children is definitely not a skill that everyone has, so an entertainer that is practiced at this can generally yield much better results.

When browsing the internet or a local directory for a suitable entertainment provider for your birthday party, remember to do your research into just how many parties they have hosted so far, and how successfully they feel they can deal with a large number of hyperactive kids.

You may also wish to ask for testimonials if they are not already readily available on the website or in the brochure of the entertainment provider, as this can give you valuable insight on how successful the princess birthday party entertainers have actually been with real groups of children at a party.

In addition to experience, remember that the most successful entertainers – whether princesses, pirates, wizards, superheroes or other characters – will have a background in performance, be it dancing, singing or acting. A bubbly and outgoing personality along with the ability to perform is essential for keeping children engaged.

Whereas you can’t be trained in being a princess, you can be trained on how to perform well as one, so look for entertainers that are not shy in putting on a show, and can fulfil any dancing and singing requirements that may be expected in their role.

Next, check that the quality of the costumes and the props is of high enough standard to ‘wow’ the children at the princess birthday party. This is because to put on a believable show, everything should look as magical as possible, and truly resemble what children have seen in their favourite animated films, books and comics.

Ask the entertainment provider that you are thinking of hiring what kind of costumes they have available along with the props they provide for the children to enjoy. They may also supply items such as party bags, glitter tattoos, face painting, fairy dust and more, so be sure to ask what is included in each package.

Finally, for any boys that have been invited to the party, see if your princess birthday party entertainers of choice can also send along a male character to entertain those who are not so enchanted by princesses! Pirates and superheroes work well with boys that are guests at a party, although many party entertainment providers can offer any character of your choice.

When selecting an entertainer for your child’s princess-themed birthday party celebrations, be sure to check the experience of your host, as well as their performance background, as both these factors can have a huge impact on the success of your party.

Along with this, the best companies will ensure that you only receive performers wearing the best costumes and using fantastic props, ensuring that each and every child is utterly enchanted and has as much fun as possible.

Bella Princess Parties has one mission – to provide fabulous, fun-filled parties for children that take away stress and anxiety from busy Mums and Dads so that everyone can enjoy the fun! Bella Princess Parties is a team of experienced entertainers from a performance background, providing a full range of princesses, pirates, wizards and superhero characters for kids’ celebrations all around the UK. Bella Princess Parties only uses high qualityoutfits and dresses so all performers look like the real thing, and a wide selection of games, activities and gifts are included to make every occasion extra special. Bella Princess Parties has consistently received five-star reviews from its happy customers, and offers a range of party packages to suit a variety of themes, budgets and group sizes. For more information, please visit: http://www.bellaprincessparties.co.uk/

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Have You Thought Of Using Entertainment Marketing To Hook Customers?

“Entertainment Marketing” has not been taken advantage of very much by many brands and companies.

How To Fulfill A Human Need?

Hook your customers’ attention and persuade them to consume your products by fulfilling the human’s needs for entertainment.

Now what is “Entertainment Marketing?” Here is a simple definition:

Entertainment marketing is the strategy of creating, associating with and promoting entertainment and entertaining activities to excite, then engage the customer, while forming a high-profile, positive affinity with the brand to drive continuous profitable customer action.

Other Marketing Approaches

Some other marketing terms that have been used by marketers, for example, are:

Retail Marketing: Retail marketing is the range of activities undertaken by a retailer to promote awareness and sales of the company’s products — Tracey Sandilands, Demand Media

Content Marketing: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

When it comes to marketing and attracting more customers, I observe many businesses, especially retailers, hit the wall. Usually, the strategy being employed tends to be more of what I call “sales marketing” which is offering services such as “discount coupons, freebies, sales, ladies’ nights, happy hour, special packages, birthday specials… ”

Those are strategies a business should keep using regularly, but after awhile, it loses its lustre with customers and in the end, it doesn’t matter much to them if they get another discount. I know this is what happens with me.

Why Does Entertainment Marketing Work?

But on top of that, a business should really look into the immediate elevation of your brand or product in the minds of the customer by associating itself with an entertainment idea or activity, whether it be an event, a performance, a song, a movie, an entertaining video, a game or contest, celebrity or public figure endorsements and appearances.

Now, “entertainment marketing” probably works best for retail businesses, but it is not only applicable to B to C’s (business to customer), but often, bosses find that they also need it in B to B’s (business to business).

McDonald’s is a ready example of a business that has kept customers coming in for years with entertainment marketing. Rather than keep “pounding on” (no pun intended) the ingredients or value meals for their burgers, McDonald’s is often your source for the current box-office movie premiums. Remember the “Hello Kitty” or “Minions” soft toy craze which saw alarming lines at McDonald’s? Well, we don’t need to ask McDonald’s to show us their daily sales report in order to know that they would have had jackpot sales that day!

If, as a business, you are expecting the media to give you some coverage — unless you are an NGO (non-governmental organization), political or governmental organization, social or charitable benefit, cultural or educational association — do not expect the media to give you much time of day unless you advertise hugely with them.

Now, many small medium enterprises (SME) might lament that you could not possibly afford the licensing or cost of bringing entertainment to your premises, or even being associated with big-time Hollywood films, like the McDonald’s example.

Believe it or not, your customers will still be entertained by cleverly-executed concepts at much lower budgets. Therefore, don’t worry if you cannot afford the licensing fees for hit movies such as Star Wars or engaging top Hollywood or K-Pop superstars!

The keywords to remember are Excite, Entertain and Engage — conceptualized and customized for your needs.

Once entertainment elements are used to market your business, product or brand, the opportunity is very much bigger for:

1) the media to report your stories,

2) the customers to run through your doors,

3) customers to bring friends and family along to enjoy fresh offerings,

4) elevating your brand into a premier, go-to position,

5) more public relations and networking,

6) collaborations with and third-party endorsements from the media, celebrities, public figures and customers.

Email me at irriessechia@gmail.com. http://www.irriessechia.blogspot.my

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Entertainment Furniture: Entertainment Cabinets and Consoles

There is a wide selection of entertainment furniture available, including entertainment cabinets and consoles that can hold not just massive flat-screen TVs, but also the entire set of front speakers and the sub woofer, and all the other hi-fi and games equipment you have – including your iPod dock linked up to your TV or hi-fi speaker system.

Here is a short review of the entertainment cabinets and consoles available from a selection of American home furniture manufacturers. It is by no means comprehensive, but offers a good range of products offered by three of America’s better known cabinet makers.

Stickley Furniture

Gustav Stickley and his family were pioneers in many of the techniques used in American furniture manufacturing, and he himself was a forerunner in the American Craftsman style which developed from the British Arts and Crafts Movement. Among these techniques were the extensive use of quarter sawn oak, the unique center post construction that displayed the flecks and rays of quarter sawn oak on all four sides, and also an open type of construction that displayed the jointing methods used.

Stickley offers a number of home entertainment furniture options, ranging from a simple stand to a 68 inch TV console with space for up to 6 boxes or DVD storage areas. Some are fully open, while with other models the TV can be hidden behind closed cabinet doors. The Stickley rage of TV consoles is available in a selection of woods and finishes to match your exiting furniture.

Simply Amish

Simply Amish focuses on simple hand-crafted hardwood furniture, while also offering a high degree of customization. The Simply Amish entertainment furniture includes TV games cabinets with space for the TV, and cupboards and drawers for various components and games consoles.

The firm also offers full entertainment cabinets that extend to 128 inches, and provide space for speakers, DVDs, CDs and games consoles. They can also be designed to combine a TV console with display cabinets and ample storage cupboards and drawers.

Simply Amish furniture is solidly built with a choice of woods, finishes and colors. You are almost certain to find a wood and finish to match you existing living room furniture. The company also hand-crafts TV bureaus for your bedroom. Every piece of Simply Amish furniture is made just for you, and is tracked though manufacture with your name on it.

The Custom Shoppe

Like those above, The Custom Shoppe furniture is 100% Made in America, and hand-crafted from 100% solid wood. Both the materials and the craftsmanship are to a very high standard, and every piece is individually made for each client. Not only that, but if you cannot see what you want in the catalogue it can be made just for you to your own design.

The Custom Shoppe offers a whole section on its website to entertainment furniture. They offer a wide range, although the firm’s entertainment consoles are particularly impressive. Many of these are customer designs, so good that they were retained in the catalog. Here are just two examples of these:

The Kari Home Theater
This is fitted with what is known as the ‘Reversica’ mechanism. This TV cabinet consists of two display units either side of a TV console. The console itself consists of two doors either side of a set of shelves on which rests a flat-screen console that rotates 180 degrees to reveal another display area or bookshelves – whichever you prefer. This a fabulous-looking display unit until TV time, when the central part is rotated to reveal the TV. This is a maximum of 108W x 96H x 28.5D inches.

The Raymond Plasma Lift
This is similar to the above, with two display cabinets either side of a display unit. Only, in this case the plasma or LED TV set is raised from the lower cabinet by means of a remote controlled motor. When down, a beautiful 3-shelf display unit is visible, and when up the TV can be viewed. The dimensions of the components of this unit are variable, with a maximum of 126W x 96H x 30.5D in inches.

You can even purchase TV lifts that remotely raise a flat-screen TV set at the end of your bed. There are many other types of entertainment furniture available from American furniture manufacturers, and these are just a very small selection what is available. These were chosen to give you an idea of what is possible, and most entertainment cabinets and consoles will conform to one or other of these general designs.

However, keep in mind that if you are unable to find something that suits you, you can always have your entertainment furniture made to your own design by a firm such as The Custom Shoppe. This firm is just an example, and by no means the only American furniture manufacturer that will provide this service.

You will find some fabulous entertainment furniture on the Patterson Furniture store website and at their Roswell and Lilburn showrooms. Patterson offers a range of Atlanta furniture along with entertainment cabinets from a number of American furniture manufacturers.

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